boring and blah, to sweet and simple

So, for the last few years… my logo and CD packaging has been very BLAH!  That is how I have felt about them for awhile now.  My old logo was something I threw together because… well, I needed a logo.  My good friend (and photography/web design guru), Robin, surprised me with my new logo that I LOVE and think is just perfect for me!  THANKS Robin!  She also spent hours with me back and forth holding my hand chatting about the ins and outs of my new blog design!

Then came my packaging.  Well, I really felt like with a new logo and a new site should come new packaging.  Back in October, we had our family pictures taken by another friend/photographer mentor, Lindsey Turner.  Not only did our pictures turn out fabulous, but when I received my CD in the mail, I felt like I was getting something EXTRA special.  She had it packaged so sweet and simple, but it put a huge smile on my face.  I would love to BE Lindsey when I grow up, but for now, I can only borrow her ideas.  I sent her an email awhile back just to check and make sure she wouldn’t think it was completely tacky to borrow her packaging idea, and she graciously said, “GO FOR IT!”

So here it is… from boring and blah (if you are a past client, you know what I mean)… to SWEET and simple!!  What do you think?  I am not sold on the raffia… might switch out to ribbon!


  1. Cindy- I LOOOOOOVE THESE!!!!! Like I love them so much that I am ready to revamp mine to be this cute!!! I LOVE the raffia and I think that it adds a very organic, creative feel to the packaging. Definitely keep it! I don’t think ribbon would give it the same feeling. I love how you put the business cards on the front like it’s an actual gift! Don’t you just love those tins!?!? They are just perfect! So happy that you put all of this together! Awesome and inspiring. 🙂

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