ashley and rusty

I am so glad that I was asked to photograph Rusty and Ashley’s rehearsal dinner! This was a small and intimate time for the families and wedding party to really focus on what these two mean to them and to celebrate their wedding today (1.16.10)! It is always neat to hear the toasts that are given to the bride and gro…om… some sentimental and some very funny. Both of these families did everything they could to raise their son and daughter to love and honor Jesus Christ… which is something I highly admire and respect! I hope and pray that my children will have that same love and support of friends and family and be blessed with a spouse who is like-minded and has a heart for Christ.

Ashley and her 102 year old GREAT grandmother!!!

Rusty and some of his guys!

Emily Hearn (right) is one of the musicians for the wedding! Check her out on Facebook (Emily Hearn Music).

Listen to Emily’s work here!

Dinner catered by the Fish Peddler in Thomaston... YUM!!!!

A toast from Rusty's dad.

I hope my two kids are as close as Will and Ashley!!! They are so sweet!

Davis, the ring bearer, pratcicing his smiles for the wedding!

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