So, I have been trying hard not to tear up TOO many times while editing these pictures and finding words to put with them. I have been “shooting” Emory and Ella Rae’s family now for almost 2 years, and whenever I spend time with them, I feel more drawn to their stories and the things they have experienced in the last few years. Maybe it is one mom’s heart tugging at the other’s… i don’t know, but when THIS opportunity came up… i would have dropped everything to make it happen.

Emory’s mom called me last week to let me know her mother-in-law had just been diagnosed with cancer… stage 3 lung cancer. She and her family got this shoot together within 48 hours or less… and as I type this, grandmother has already had her first round of chemo. This WHOLE family is moving forward in faith and confidence that their time with their mother/grandmother will not be cut short. You can see in their eyes the pain of this new reality, but you can also see the TRUST of God’s sovereignty. They wanted these pictures to celebrate the HOPE that they have and the STRENGTH that the can depend on, not just in their parents, but also in the Lord. Thanks so much for trusting me with these people you love so much!

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