Four Handsome Guys!

I am grouping these SWEET boys all together! They are all friends of ours and very special to us and the 3 BIG boys have recently celebrated birthdays! I invited the moms out to the Bailey Tebault House to do some quick photo sessions with them! It was hot and we were BUSY! I love all of the boy’s different personalities! All so cute and sweet, but also very different!

Laine is first!

He will be 10 Months old THIS weekend and is as sweet as can be. He is FAST and super smiley… almost has that mischievous smile just like his sister (Riley Kate)… like he is always UP to something! Only a few more months until his FIRST birthday!


This guy is full of silly and always just fun to be around. I find myself laughing all the time when I am around him because he always comes up with something funny to say and has the cutest expressions! Drew just started back to school at Stepping Stones… and LOVES it of course!

just turned FOUR


Being TWO suits Davis just fine!!! He is ALL boy and LOVES to be outside! He is very much like his mom and dad and would be outside all day long if he could be! Davis is going to be a big brother right around his 3rd birthday! Mom and Dad are having TWINS!!

You won’t see these OFF of Davis!


Julian just turned FOUR a few weeks ago and is a super sweet kid! LOVES sports already… which is just fine with his Dad! He just started PreK last week at FUMP and is LOVING it! I know his little brother was sad to see him go to school this week, but now he (Steven) gets all that extra time with MOM!

Moms, hope you loved your sneak peek! Thanks for letting me love on your kids and thanks for loving mine!

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