Feels like FALL!!!


Last Sunday… Griffin, GA surely got a TASTE of fall. It was 63 degrees when we loaded up the car to head out to church and it STAYED cool and crisp that whole day! It was perfect. It is days like that when I get SO excited about everything Fall has in-store for the Stansberrys. I even walked into Michael’s (craft store) to just SMELL fall… they have all of their fall candles and fake FALL crafty stuff out already! SO nice!

Having two children that were born in the fall just keeps the memories flooding back like it was yesterday. I think there are so many visual and sensory changes that happen in this season that my memories of being in the hospital and bringing my sweet babies home are seriously forever carved into my heart and mind. Fall just feel, smells, and looks different.

I also think it is fun to plan and have FALL birthdays for my kids! You can’t do pumpkin/scarecrow themed birthdays in April or July! A good friend of mine, who is also a photographer, and I laugh at eachother all the time. I think we might be the only ones who started thinking about one year pictures, birthday parties, and pumpkin patch pictures back in May and June. We weren’t only thinking about the pictures, but the cute outfits that MIGHT just go along with those pictures… THANKYOU EBAY and ETSY! Of course there were millions of other things to be thinking about, but thinking about FALL might have just been a good way to forget about the heat and what I like to call “involuntary sweating”… meaning… I was sweating all of the time, but NOT because I was WANTING to!

This season is also exciting for Stansberry Photography! Even more than Spring/Easter pictures… people seem to get more excited and geared up for their FALL and Christmas portrait sessions. You might not be as OCD as me and have already searched  for some cute outfits, but it might have crossed your mind that FALL is just a few weeks away… which means Christmas is just around the corner!

My fall session schedule already is feeling packed and tight… so please… even if you haven’t figured out your “wants” for your pictures yet… GO AHEAD and GET ON the calendar. I have had an amazing growth in business since last year, and these spots will be gone quick! If you have a newborn on the way… it is also good to go ahead and get a tentative date on the calendar… so we can get those sweet itty bitty baby pics.

Like I said a few weeks ago, on Sept 1st, an email/blog will go out announcing this Fall’s Mini Sessions. I do have a few spots open for FULL sessions for Sept/Oct/Nov, but they are getting tight!

Email me for pricing and calendar info: stansberryphotography@gmail.com


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