Mother’s Day

Just a sweet picture of me and my mom… back in 1978 (I was 9 or 10 months)!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms and future moms out there! I remember sitting and rocking Lawson when she was just a few days old… I looked down at her and just wondered if the feelings I felt were like the feelings my mom had for me (HER only girl of 4 children). Motherhood is amazing and I know many of you feel that same way. For those of you that are “soon to be” moms whether it is in the next 9 months, one year, 5 years, or even waiting for a call letting you know your adoption is final… GOD has plans for you and your family. Plans that are more amazing and precious than any of the plans we could imagine, dream of, or plan out on our own.


  1. Love it! Weren’t the 70s grand? I showed my mom your blog and she is very impressed with your skills. Wish you were closer so you could do Maggie’s senior pictures!

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