Kandler (9) and Kaitlyn (4)

Last weekend, I hosted a Mother’s Day special out at Meadowlark Gardens… specifically for moms to take advantage up for themselves…. they could either participate OR just let me “shoot” their kids. This particular morning was early for them and so mom and dad were still sucking down their coffee and trying to wake up!! These were MINI sessions so they only lasted about 30 minutes each… while there are STILL TONS of pics to choose from… i am going to try and narrow it down to my favorites! THIS task is one I have YET to master!!!! I could take pictures of these two all day! It has been over a year since we last met, but I have seen the kids at their school functions and just have really loved watching them grow!! You can tell that these two are just sweet kids all around with a sweet mom and dad to go with it!

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