Leighton (8) and Ellis (4) | Central Georgia Children’s Photographer

These two seriously moved the cute factor up a bit! I don’t know if it is their chocolate brown eyes, the fact that they had just come from a trip to the beach with tan skin, or just a picture perfect smile! They warmed up to me quickly. I think I learned with Henry (a few entries down) that boys this age LOVE to ham it up for the camera and Leighton would do anything we asked as long as he could get his silly out too! You will notice that I had too many to choose from. I had lots more with mom and dad, lots of silly, and lots more of what you will see below!!! Mom… i am pretty sure you will love your sneak peek!

um… excuse me… the shorts… i love them!


  1. robin cornett says

    What cuties! Love these shots, especially the one of the two of them in the window.

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