Easter Sunday

I don’t always get super personal on this blog, but those of you who check in every now and then (or stalk) know that I love the Lord, and for 10 years not only was it just “part” of me, but it was my occupation… Easter has always been so special to me and I have lots of vivid memories surrounding this time of year.
The truth of Easter is what sets us apart… it is what makes us BELIEVERS. I have always LOVED the reality that the Disciples and people who surrounded Jesus during his ministry just did NOT always GET IT! They did not believe that the tomb would be empty! No matter how intensely Jesus prepared them for THIS day, they didn’t get it! I think we can ALL relate to this at some time or another. In my heart there are things that I just “don’t get.” Things that happen to me and my family, and sometimes even more… things that happen to other people I love. The struggles, the sorrows, and just the reality of the life that is set before us that we THINK we are prepared for… only to find out they cause us to question and even doubt sometimes, BUT hopefully draw us even closer to the Lord than we ever could imagine.
What I have come to grips with… is the faith and truth in the empty tomb… that there is something bigger and better out there for us than we could EVER imagine. No matter HOW prepared we think we are… sometimes we are either just left dumbfounded or more importantly, in awe. In awe of what HE has done in our lives… and holding tight to the knowlege that any plans that WE think WE have for our life are going to be FAR surpassed by the incredible PLAN that God has for our lives. More abundant, and more importantly, more steadfast. I can be confident that God knows the plans, and I am so grateful for the people he has put in my life to help prepare me for where I am now. I love to look back and just see how God brought me to this place.
Easter is amazing… the empty tomb is my reason I believe.
{and because posting is no fun without a cutie pie picture… here is Lawson @ 6 months… more to come on those later!}

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