Playing in the Woods

This family was VERY fun to hang out with last Saturday! I was afraid my car was going to bust going through the woods, but when we arrived, I got pretty excited seeing all of the different opportunities for some great shots. Steven, Jacob, and Savannah made my job pretty easy, and hung in there with me as we explored the property. I had a VERY hard time limiting my blog entry to 10 pictures… had to go over just a bit! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek mom and I am excited about you other ideas coming up!

Apparently, Savannah LOVES to dress up… really, what girl doesn’t? It was so funny to take pictures of this sweet little “princess” in the woods. She showed her true heart by throwing on her rain boots! How cute… and the girl can accessorize!


  1. GeorgiaGal_920 says

    Cindy…. These are awesome!!! I am so excited to see all of them!

  2. Hey, Cindy! I wish you were closer so you could do my wedding pics. :o) I love the black and white ones with colored flowers. Very cool!

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