Parker (6M)

Six months is such a fun age! I have gotten to take Parker’s pictures when he was just a few weeks old, 3 months, and now at 6! He is for sure GROWING… there is no question about that. Mom and Dad are trying hard to keep up with him! Just in the last few weeks he has taken off… crawling and pulling up! As you can tell he is no LESS squishy than his 3 month pictures!! Mom, I hope you love your sneak peek! Had fun hanging out with you guys yesterday! See you in a few for his 9 month shoot and before you know it… his birthday pics!

A few photography tips from one mom to another!

  1. get down low… if you are taking pictures of kids, get on their level… YEP down on the floor!
  2. use natural light when you can! Sometimes you really do need extra light from a flash, but BE CREATIVE… ALL of the pictures you are seeing above were taken right inside the family’s front door… just open it up and you have all the light you need!
  3. DE-clutter… if you are taking a picture and have the time to think ahead try to move some of the “background” clutter OR take the picture at an angle that avoids the majority of the clutter.


  1. robin cornett says

    These are beautiful!!! I love the one where he finally made it to the rattle. And the… um, unclothed one. 🙂 The light is lovely and that floor is an awesome backdrop. What a cutie!!!

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