Brock (9M) and Hatcher (3Y)

Brock’s mom and I had “a time” trying to make this session happen! Between bad weather, sick kids, and me having a baby… we FINALLY did it! Brock is now 9 months and we had LOTS of fun taking pictures of him and his big brother Hatcher! The only problem… Brock is CRAZY about his brother… and his brother (being 3) was having fun “entertaining” him! Hatcher’s silly side came out and Brock just couldn’t help but be distracted! Luckily… we got some GREAT smiles, but every now and then you could just tell he was thinking, “What is Hatcher up to now?!” Mom… it was very fun spending time with you guys last week and I can’t wait to see you in 3 more months!

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