Being my friend has its perks!

So far, Stansberry Photography has become what it IS, because of my friends. Those who have encouraged me to move forward with learning and shooting (pictures). When I first officially started, almost 3 years ago, I really just considered it a joy to take pictures for my friends and I was getting good practice at the time. Now, more of my clients are NEW to me rather than friends. They are friends of friends and then some! My world in Griffin was so small for so long… now I can even consider a lot of my clients, friends! Most of my current clients know that if they refer someone to me, they get a discount on their next session, but there are a few families that will pretty much have their lives documented for as LONG AS THEY WANT due to their free advertising!
Below is the Esary Family! I love how they always want their dogs in the pictures and even hang stockings for them every Christmas! After their quick shoot, Allison couldn’t find THE card that she had in mind. I have a few templates that I downloaded from various sights… so I put this one together for them!! It is one of my favorites! AND I love the verse they included!

Josh and Daniel teach together at Spalding High and Kameren and I have really gotten to know eachother ALOT more in the last 2 years or so. Being pregnant and having kids together will somehow do that! Kameren teaches at Cowan Road Elementary… and was the one that got me connected with the Breakfast with Santa they have every year… which has become one of my favorite shoots to do!
Parker’s life has been well documented… even from the beginnng when I did LAST years Christmas card, announcing their pregnancy!

Thank you to everyone who has really helped make this year a GROWING year for me. You guys have challenged me to learn more and to be more confident one of the things I really love doing!


  1. The Todd Family says

    Thanks for being our offical family photographer! I’m so thankful for your friendship!

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