Just Cute….

Emory and his mom and dad are really… just cute! I mean, they are more than cute, they were fun, too! Emory is going to be a big brother sometime this spring and I can’t wait to hear if he will have a brother or a sister!. Emory, I was glad to meet your dad too, he seems like lots of fun. D… I know you (and all of your teacher friends) are stalking the blog to see these pics, so I hope you like your sneak peek! KH (and family) and JF, yours will be up in the next few days; i know you two are checking in too!

This whirly pop was a prize for working so hard! You can tell Emory REALLY loved it!


  1. robin cornett says

    love the shot of the three of them by the fence–get a big on on the wall!! and i like the smoochy shot, too. looks like it was a fun time!

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