A few days at the beach!

Daniel, Miles, and I got to spend a week out Surfside Beach, SC, visiting our friends Patsy and Chuckles (AKA Pat and Charlie). We absolutely love visiting them during the summer. This year was especially fun because Miles loved EVERYTHING! He love the ocean waves, sand (even if it rubbed him raw), ducks, pigeons, the pool, eating out, eating in, his big boy bed (pull out twin size bed), his new toys (P & C have 2 grandchildren and are always prepared!), and he just loved all of the new experiences. He “liked” them last year, but he was ALL ABOUT it this year! Thanks P&C for a great visit… you guys are the best. Hope you all enjoy a few of our favorite pictures!
Also… scheduling is beginning to pick up for the fall already. I have some sessions open in August, and will for sure be letting you all know about my fall mini-session dates. Most of them will be in September and hopefully early October. Miles arrived a month early, so I have to keep that in mind when working on my calendar. Baby (GIRL) Lawson may take after her brother and come early too. Please shoot me and email for more information!


  1. robin cornett says

    oh boy! i love the one of miles sitting on the beach. and then the one of his back (i love backs) and the last two too.

    looks like a great vacation and beautiful pictures!

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