Stawberry Picking

A few weeks ago, Daniel, Miles, and I stopped in McDonough, GA to pick a bucket of strawberries. Around Easter time, Miles didn’t quite get the whole Easter Egg hunt idea, so we weren’t really sure how this event would go over. Well, Miles LOVED strawberry picking! He really got down and dirty, and he doesn’t even LIKE strawberries. He and Daniel filled a bucket full and after about 30 minutes it was time to go. We were about 50 yards into the strawberry field and Miles was determined to carry the bucket “all by him self”. It was so sweet! He grunted and stopped to rest and just tried so hard. Close to the end of our row he was worn out and basically had his 2nd worst PUBLIC meltdown ever. Of course we had to get the family picture still, and he was definitley irritated at that point! If you would like to see the full collection just click here.

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