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baby ruskin at 9 days

I always feel privileged to get a call about doing a newborn shoot. It is one of the most tender times of a new family’s life. Everything is so new and everything is so special. It is the calls I get that touch my heart the most when a family has been through sorrow to get to THIS joy. Ruskin’s mom and dad lost their first little boy at 21 weeks. It was traumatic and just sad. I have never experienced this type of sorrow directly… only through close friends and some clients, but to me seems like the greatest loss one could experience. I know that this mom and dad will never take for granted a day that baby Ruskin has with them, and they will always remember and cherish the moments they had with his big brother. Hope you enjoy your preview… i had a great morning with you guys!

addy h @ nine months

I can’t stand this cuteness… and obviously I am having a hard time narrowing down my “favorites”! THIS sweet girl is crawling, pulling up, standing… she is ON THE MOVE and cute as can be. Her mom wins the prize of the most THOUGHT out shoots AND we have her 1 year cake smash shoot coming up, her party shoot, AND then a generational shoot all already on the calendar! Of course this shoot was planned for the day it snowed, but what a treat… we waited and had 60 degree weather and a gorgeous day!!!

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carleigh ann is TWO

I had so much fun with this sweet girl… I know I say that a lot, but it was like playing dress up and having a party all at the same time. Carleigh Ann’s mom made 2 of her outfits. She is an incredibly creative seamstress that sells her clothing at Hissyfit in Griffin. You can also find her and be her fan on facebook, seach for Carleigh Bug’s children’s clothing.

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Lela and Murray

I met up with this sweet family Saturday morning! They both have gorgeous deep brown eyes that just suck you right in! Mom wanted to get them in their Halloween costumes because they were made special for them by their grandmother: Gepetto and Pinocchio. They were awesome!! Hope you love your sneak peek mom!